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Human Pet Cremation Urns in Chicago, IL & Northwest, IN

It can be difficult to find an urn that represents your loved one. Oftentimes, the options at the local funeral home or crematorium are limited and impersonal. Such selections are frequently expensive and can strain an already overburdened funeral budget. But you’re not limited to urns from local funeral homes and crematoriums.

At Impressive Casket, we guarantee our selection will impress and save you money as well. We offer a full line of urns to memorialize your loved one. Our selection of products come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials to fit your particular needs.

Urns for Loved Ones Pet Urns Catalog Pet Urns Price List


Cremation Urn Options

  • Brass
  • Cloisonné
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Wood

If you are environmentally conscious, we supply options for “green” burials, such as salt or blooming urns. We also carry infant and child urns, if needed. Speak with Mike or Bill today to discuss the wide selection of urns we offer.

Engraving Makes It Special

Many of the urns in our inventory are suitable for engraving. We offer stock engraving, which can include writing, borders, and stock images of religious, professional, and military symbols. We also have many images representing hobbies and interests, such as music, horses, or sports. You can also request custom engraving for a favorite quote, scripture, or photo.

If you are looking for urns in the Chicago area, please view our catalog with pricing attached or call for an appointment in Chicago, IL Metro/Northwest, IN. Please feel free to contact us at 708-371-7700 with any questions you may have. We look forward to helping you find the urn you’ve been looking for.

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