Quality Headstones

Mark the Resting Place of the Person You Love

In the aftermath of a death, one of your primary concerns is finding the right headstone to honor the person you love. Our goal at Impressive Casket. is to reduce the stress you feel during this emotionally trying time by providing Chicagoland caskets, urns, and headstones at discounted prices. The products we offer will reduce your financial strain, so you can focus on honoring your family member or friend by finding a superior custom headstone.

Some of our products include:

  • Bevel Markers.
  • Bronze Markers
  • Companion
  • Infant Makers
  • Single Flush Markers
  • Monuments
  • Single Monuments
  • Single Slant Stones
  • Mausoleums and columbariums

Our Affordable Products

Unfortunately, many overpriced funeral homes and cemeteries take advantage of the vulnerable time by overcharging grieving family members. At Impressive Casket, Inc., we can provide you with the top quality options you need at an affordable cost. This can prevent you from spending too much money on a lower-quality product from a funeral home. Our products cost up to 20% less than the identical product offered by area Memorial and Cemeteries.

Personalized Headstones

We understand the importance of personalizing a headstone as a final memory of your family member or friend. Including a personalized design can be a meaningful way to remember your loved one in a significant way. The design can add a personal touch to the headstone and come in a variety of styles that smooth, textured, granite, or marble. With many options available, we are here to make sure your family member or friend’s headstone honors their memory.

Some of the personalized items you can add include:

  • Favorite quotes
  • Nicknames
  • Scripture
  • Images

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