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Quality Caskets at Discounted Prices


When you need to find an elegant place for your loved ones to rest, the last thing you need in this time of mourning is a huge bill for a casket. Funeral Homes often overprice their caskets, but our company understands that you need compassionate service and a stress-free buying experience at this time. When you buy from us at Impressive Casket Inc., you’ll save money and receive quality at the same time.

Important Questions to Consider

What is a Casket made of?

Caskets are made from metal and wood. Metal caskets are durable and come in a variety of colors and designs. Some models also seal. Wood caskets are available in a variety of species, colors and designs. Wood caskets do not seal.

Does the Casket need to be sealed?

Whether or not a casket is sealed is a personal preference. A casket will be placed in a vault before burial. The vault is either made of concrete or concrete and metal, possibly with a tongue and groove seal. Many feel that once a casket is in a vault it is safe and sealed. The decision really depends on the family’s preferences or religious beliefs. To keep the integrity of the casket, it is important to invest in a more expensive vault.

Does the gauge of the casket matter?

The gauge of the casket is the thickness of the metal. The lower the number, the thicker the metal. For example, 16-gauge models are thicker than 18-gauge models. The difference in thickness is basically a sheet of paper. Semi-precious caskets are the lowest gauge but use the thickest metal.

What is on the inside?

Caskets have a fabric interior, starting with crepe for your standard models. The premium caskets have a velvet interior. The fabric color and design vary depending on the model. The more expensive the model, the fancier the interior fabric.

What exterior details are important?

Exterior details include shape of the casket, finish of the casket, hardware and type of handles. Caskets can have rounded edges or square edges. The finish of the casket consists of brushed or painted metals, highly polished or satin finished woods. The hardware varies, depending on the design you choose. Handles are either swing handles or permanent handles. Again, all of these are personal choices. But if any of these are important to you, please mention them.

Can I personalize the casket?

Absolutely. Many people feel that placing mementos, photos or flowers in the casket with the deceased personalizes the casket. You can personalize a head panel with a photo of the deceased, name and a saying. The casket provides a place to reflect on the deceased’s life, interests and passions.

Why should I choose Impressive?

It’s simple. Choose Impressive Casket Company to save money. At Impressive, we offer customers the same quality caskets as the funeral home. The only difference is, we don’t have high mark-ups on our items. Our mission is to provide the customers with quality products that are affordable. Period. Call us at 708-371-7700 to discuss our casket options and receive a free estimate.

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