20-Gauge Metal (Made in USA) in Chicago, IL

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Steel – a long lasting material and affordable price make the steel casket a popular choice. Though it is not as strong or long lasting like with Semi-Precious Metal Caskets such as Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel. However, it does come in 16-gauge (thickest), 18-gauge (Medium) or 20-Gauge  (thinnest) gauge in a large range of colors.

For example 18-Guage Caskets are .83 millimeters thicker (about a sheet of Paper) than a 20-gauge.  16 & 18-Gauge tend to be more expensive because a larger shell casket, swing handles, higher quality fabric and brushed tops/sides.

20-Gauge Caskets are the most economical metal caskets on the market. If you are cost concious or just trying to watch your budget, consider these instead of the 18-gauge casket.

AS OF JANUARY 1, 2019, due to our lease that expired along with the huge property tax liability and ever increasing government spending, we have based ourselves out of a warehouse in Indiana so we are now operating by internet only.

This is a positive for each and every family since we are now only required to collect State of IL tax only (6.25%), thus eliminating Cook County tax (1.75%) and finally the Village of Crestwood tax of (2%).  This gives each and every family a tremendous savings, especially for Illinois Customers.

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