18-gauge Metal (Made in USA) in Chicago, IL

      100% MADE IN THE USA..unlike our on-line competetitors

Steel – a long lasting material and affordable price make the steel casket a popular choice. Though it is not as strong or long lasting like with Semi-Precious Metal Caskets such as Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel. However, it does come in 16-gauge (thickest), 18-gauge (Medium) or 20-Gauge  (thinnest) gauge in a large range of colors.

For example 18-Guage Caskets are .83 millimeters thicker (about a sheet of Paper) than a 20-gauge.  16 & 18-Gauge tend to be more expensive because a larger shell casket, swing handles, higher quality fabric and brushed tops/sides.

AS OF JANUARY 1, 2019, due to our lease that expired along with the huge property tax liability and ever increasing government spending, we have based ourselves out of a warehouse in Indiana so we are now operating by internet only.

This is a positive for each and every family since we are now only required to collect State of IL tax only (6.25%), thus eliminating Cook County tax (1.75%) and finally the Village of Crestwood tax of (2%).  This gives each and every family a tremendous savings, especially for Illinois Customers.

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